Niclas "Diff" Diffstedt:    Guitar
Fredrik "Jonas" Wadström:    Bass
Stefan "Svarten" Lindström:    Voice
Patrik "Pete funf" Lundström:    Drums
Text/Music: N Diffstedt, F Wadström, S Lindström, P Lundström

Junk birth did occur Spring 1980 because the drumboy Patrik had an excellent possibility to borrow a hall in the Ansgar church due to his father was cantor. The other members who were asked by Patrik did not have any big experience to play instrument before the day we gathered in the repetition-hall. It was a mere chance that decided who should grab hold of each instrument.

That it should be punk was no doubt about when we entered the stage in Skäggetorp and played four tunes (Unemployed, Duped, Youngster fear, Wish Nygård crash down). Later the same year Junk played in Kannan together with Attentat from Göteborg. Gradually the music developed to depro-punk and the band was renamed to Silent Minute ("Tyst Minut"). The band was on stage 10-15 times most in Linköping but also in Götaborg, Stockholm and Vadstena.

The band members continued to play in different bands after the JUNK/Silent Minute went to the grave 1982 as for example Levardif PJ, Att Mörda en Överordnad, Galler, Mysk, Bilaffären.

Kvinnebygården Nov 25, 1981

Download file with size about 1 MByte/minTyst minut (4:57)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minEtt land (2:37)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minNy tid (2:59)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minAlkoholens baksmälla (1:57)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minKonflikt (3:14)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minFalsk sanning (3:04)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minKorruption (2:39)

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