This homepage is released by non-profitable cultural interest. It has the extension .com just because it is the common practice in the Internet world. It is not a legal company today, just a private hompage and a collection of  homepages of a person who started to record some sound from 1979 and happened to have a formal private firm in the county Östergötland of Sweden 1982-1986 with the name "B.Sound" and the VAT branch of business "Disc and Tape Recording, Record Publishing Firm". The home-page of each band is published on commision by the band.

B Sound has written request and permission from each band to make their sound heard in all ears of the world if others not stated (in such case U will not get the files since they do not exist on the server). The originator of music and lyrics is one or several persons within each band if others not stated. The producer of each recording is in all(*) cases B Sound and in many cases persons from each band as well. The owner for each recording, i.e. the payer, is the band, Jörvars Gosskör, a "record company" made by the band, B Sound or Östgöta Correspondenten.

The sound, lyrics and pictures on this site are protected by international copyright and other laws. It is allowed to download sound files from this site for private listening. The sound files and/or pictures are not allowed to be published on other sites and/or media without required approval.

Sound-inventors (e.g. Authors, Artists, Art-directors, Layer 1-7 Engineers) have by their approval/request to publish their sound or help to make heard agreed to be named for the public on if others not stated by obvious nicknames.

The site was released September 15, 2000 with mp3.

More about copyright here.

B-Sound has received paper mail here.


B-Sound, Bosse Sound

(*) No rule without exception: the Other Side part of Andra Sidan and the final cut of IQ 55

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