The Odds history

The band The Odds was established 1981 by the remains of the Motala band Homeland that was a band which mixed several music styles of the time as punk, disco, reggae and hard rock to an absurd mix. At this time the three original members of the Odds had seen the movie Quadrophenia and did identify themselves totally with the at that time existing mods wave in a way you can just do in the age 15-17 years. In addition to the usual love lyrics the text was about mods related things as Brighton and Vespas. After heavy search for a bass player the band did found Anders Nylander and some plays in Motala and surrounding areas followed.

1982 the rock community in Motala decided that they should record a collection disc with a  number local band and the at the time notorious Lars E Karlsson was contacted. The Odds travelled to Stockholm to record two songs with Lars E Karlsson as producer. His work as producers consisted of the sentence "first take is always the best". Time in studio is expensive. The music inspired by the 60's was to some extent left now and the two contributions on the disc was: "Time to love, time to die" and "The boys from Copenhagen" were mostly an unholy alliance between B52's and Lustans Lakejer.

The Odds took after this disc in Camilla Petrini to share the voice with Mikael Lansenius. This was made partly because the band wanted to improve the tune voice better and to the other part because we thought that pop bands with a female singer as Blondie, Expressos and The Photos were extremely cool.

Now we came to the point where the recording at Bosse Sound should be made. I don't remember which our associations were at this time but I know we followed Reeperbahn's steps carefully. At this time off peeled alternative funk a'la Talking Heads popular which through our Reeperbahn filter affected us to a part. Scrolled pop band as Db's and XTC made also that The Odds sounded as it did.

After this demo the band continued with a new female singer: Marina Krig and a keyboard player Thomas Karlsson.

After playing in half a year in the new setting the shock came. The original members Mikael Lansenius and Anders Nylander left the band. Partly because of studies in another town for Mikael and partly to start play with the new depp rock band "Nionde Avsatsen". Shortly after this  Anders Håkanson, Marina Krig and Eric Håkansson created the side project Danse Macabre together with Johan Lewholt. This became soon the involved main priority that made the Odds go into the grave 1984.

Among the plays The Odds made one can especially be mentioned. The band travelled up to Stockholmn to play on Underground as pre band to Stand By who had a certain Carola Häggqvist as singer. We quarrelled little on how old she was. She acted with great authority against the older boys in the band so my suggestion was more than 20 years but so wrong I had. One year later Carola stood and sang Främling (Foreigner) in the eurovision song contest festival and the rest you know.

What happened then?

Anders and Eric Håkansson has followed each other to several as follows:
Dense Macabre Made some plays and the high time must be said to be 3 weeks on Lilla Bommens list.

Send No Flowers was a Linköping based band that gave out 2 EP and 1 single in the late 80's and in the beginning of the 90's.

The Stockholm band Mismates gave out a full length disc in end of the 90's, one EP, two singles and were on a number of collection discs.

Anders Nylander has played for a long time in Drug that among others recorded a full length disc.

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