Sid Vit


Patrik "Putte Punk" Olsson:     Drums
Jan-Olof "Körva" Fredriksson:    Guitar
Ronny "Punk" Gustavsson:    Voice
Torbjörn "Totte Tenor" Köhl:    Bass

Valued attraction 9(10) in: Svensk Punk/New Wave/Synth 1977-1982

Äggafton 1980

not all there but I think Ronny in Spy is the besty singer I ever recorded.

Download file with size about 1 MByte/minJa' måste gå (Text/Music: P Kagerland, A Trosell) (2:03) English lyrics
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minSå är ditt liv (Text/Music: J Fredriksson) (2:13)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minSpritens makt (Text: P Olsson, Music: J Fredriksson) (2:04)

NapolexB-Sound's first mixerTandbergT-SpritRonnyJan-OlofPatrikBosseTotteRevox A77

Recording with one Tandberg and one Revox at Munkhagsgården Easter Eve 1980. The liquid was used to clean the dirty heads of the machines. The Spy team standing to the right in front of a building in Johannelund Feb 23 1979, in the area Munkhagsgården was located.

For Spy the music works, but not the singing. The guitar and the drums drive up the tempo in a violent speed. It feels like going by car in 200 kmph. Then the voice comes. Bang, the whole equipage stops dead as somebody suddenly puts in the reverse gear.
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The music "Spritens makt" and "Så är ditt liv" are available with approval by STIM/n©b.
The Babelfish says: Spy = Vomit.
Sid Ett