Anders "Nisse" Nilsson:    Drums, Keyboards
Mats "Tage J" Larson: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Calabash
Michael Andersson: Voice
Text/Music: U 137

Somwhere in the baltic sea
This is sample number 300 Proud Parents: Total Muzak and Andra Sidan

June 2-8, 1982 (From the disc-sample manufactured in Spånga)

This is sample number 0

HIT CANDIDATE: The surface-level is reached by the mixer craftmanship of Henrik Schildt, the three guitars of Tage, the AKG D12 mic on Nisse's bass-drum, the unique calabash sound from India empowered by the German tube microphone, the nuclear killer vocals by Michael. The song is now canditate for re-release in English version (straightforward translation of the Swedish epos) as the hit Trip and Die to be put on the market in all countries expecting a nuclear war.

Download file with size about 1 MByte/minEn som faller (3:53)
Download file with size about 1 MByte/minBaksidan av ditt öga (3:47)

Tage used Carlsbro amplifier and sometimes the guitar directly into the b-mixer. The guitar was Gibson Explorer.

To the re-release: This song will be replaced by the English version of dreamgirl Miss Lena Kagg's masterpiece "The Knight of the sorry sight" (In Swedish: "Riddaren av den sorgliga skepnaden" available at Total Muzak's homepage) that explains the consequence of a nuclear war.

Photo by Mr Jan Gradvall, the famous writer in e.g. Jorvars Gosskor

Valued attraction 4(10) in: Svensk Punk/New Wave/Synth 1977-1982
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For your information: U137 was the name of the submarine that was hit by the shallow baltic sea water of the Swedish archipelago October 27, 1981. The submarine was judged to be equipped with nuclear  weapons based on night measurements made by the Swedish Defence Research Institute.
AJ-37 Viggen has air to surface missiles

The music is made available with approval by STIM/n©b.