Kizza Ping is anyhow still there

Jan Gradvall wrote in Jörvars Number 5, October 1981

Still there anyhow ... Kizzaping!
After listening to their demo cassette
a countless number of times and seen them live
as fore band to Reeperbahn I'm convinced.
Kizzaping is good, better and best in town.
Suddenly Kizzaping has become a tight band
which sounds both personal and self-confident.
Fanfare, pomp, frenzy!
Still their repertoire is uneven, but sure "the Men"  and
"Learn in time" are fantastic. Fresher, more dogged
and better than all other bands in town together.
If you have to compare with something so
try with New Orders "Ceremony" and Siouxsie &
the Banshees "Happy House". But mostly they sound
Kizzaping of course.
The band now consider to release these tracks
on a single. Do it. Do also more tunes in the same
class and for God's Heaven's sake let it keep together, don't split!

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