Peter's word

Kizza Ping bored on the punk

So was the headline in an article in Östgöta Correspondenten January 1982. Even though we were pestered by some mates it did in fact have some truth. Most of us were breed by the punk but all started to become tired. The incredibly exciting punk scene of 1977-1980 had slowly ebbed away. The bands that took over after The Clash and Ebba Grön were The Exploited and Anti-Cimex and were not as fun. Instead bands like Simple Minds, U2 and Reeperbahn came and it was about here Kizza Ping started.

The first chords appeared 1980.  Anders, Johan, Lars and me had performed in punk bands as RAS, ÅOBF, Spy and Zpamhead. During the summer I had made some appearances with the joke band Rabarbarna. Helene and Annette sang "Young and pimply", the only song we had. When it was time to establish a real band during the autumn, the girls were natural members.

Helene and Annette, our own Annifrid & Agnetha, were of course a big asset. They used their voices in several different ways, sometimes they devoted their time to the undervalued singing exercise in canon.
Johan's and Anders' tunes differed us to other bands in the town as well as Johan's especial bass playing. The fact that we were on stage six times also contributed. The punk was simply far away.

To arrange stage sessions was no problem at the time in Linkoeping. Just call the youth recreation centers (yes, it existed at that time) and decide a date. The music association Rock d’Amour did of course also exist and people always came.

In some way we managed to take the band one step further. We got performance stage sessions in neighbour-towns, wrote contract with local Dåvhjort Records and the single ”Männen”/”Lär i tid” ("The men"/"Learn in time") (of course recorded at Bosse Sound) did get a good review in the customs of that time Music Bible "Schlager". We were interviewed by Radio Östergötland, were several weeks on the local chart and did small out on tours to Gävle, Västerås and Göteborg.

Maybe we could come even further. In March 1982, just a few months after the single, we made our last play. Today, almost twenty years later, I have no idea why we did end. I must call some of the others and ask if they remember.

To listen to these old songs today feels strange. Sure it sounds dated but at the same time I like what I hear. Despite we were just between eighteen and twenty we managed to do something that didn't sound like all others.

And the punk most of us did return to.

Peter / April 2001