Thanks to:

Peter Kagerland who year 1999 wrote a letter to Bosse Sound with names and telephone numbers. Due to the law that nobody is more than 6(*) handshakes from the president, almost everybody were found. He is also the photographer of many pictures, for example the beautiful Spy team around Bosse and his first mixer 1980:

Read what Peter wrote on 500 Swedish bands 1977 to 1982, but speak Swedish! Click Here!!!
Svensk Punk/New Wave/Synth 1977-1982

Patrik Sjösten for the new mp3-server hosting.

Mattias Leijon for the art.

Anna Björklund for the tape.

All the b-originators and b-artists.

The persons behind all the sites on this globe: 

Scott Bass & Lee Joseph for spreading the b-sound of Sweden in America.

Roberto Busso for free hosting (of text, pictures and mp3 files) the's first years.

Christian Appelt for free hosting of

Henrik Everhill for free hosting of the mp3 file server 2003 to September 2011.

Jörvars Gosskör authors for many articles. Read little about Jörvars here (b-sound also have a TV program (Rapport 1982-03-03) scanned on the authors Sven G Dolling and Jan Gradvall but unfortunately it isn't allowed to publish yet (Thanks again to Christian Appelt who vasted his time to record the program on his Macintosh) ):
Click to get little info on Jörvars Gosskör, but Speak Swedish!Click to get little info on Jörvars Gosskör, but Speak Swedish!

(*) Reference: psychologist Stanley Milgram