Help this site 2 release the missing items.


The answer isn't 42, it's 3. The mp3 files are here, stored on 3 CD-R.  CD-R just cost less than 10 kronor. So it has cost less than 30 kronor. But  B Sound  wants to distribute it in a cheaper way, i.e. free. To do so, some formal things must be done. It has not been done completely regarding the following bands, thus U will not hear them (yet):

The following band said no:
Ebba Grön

The following band said yes but did steal all songs:

The following band is still invisible:
Wanted band

Best regards

The weak Viking Bosse Sound

Please remember it was the Nordic grand-...-grand father Leifur Eriksson who discovered America 500 years before Columbus. And as me, the Vikings did eat vegetarian food normally but sometimes flesh to market themself as rich and strong and bloody according to a doctor degree report referred in the radio. D.S.
Grand- ..-grand father's ship on my hand-made tie:


Painted by Maggi